Where is Saipan?

Saipan is located In the Western Pacific Ocean 15 degrees north of the equator in an area known as the Northern Marianas Islands. It is about 1500 miles south of Tokyo and 1500 miles East of Manila.














Saipan is a tropical island where the year around average temperature stays steady at a perfect and often slightly breezy 85 degrees F in the day and 75 by night. Saipan is situated in the pacific ocean near the famous Marianas Trench. Saipan, Tinian and Rota are part of the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands (CNMI) which also includes 11 other tropical islands. Saipan being the largest of the 14 islands of the CNMI is also the capital as well as the commercial center of the Northern Mariana Islands. Saipan is a United States Protectorate with a US Zip Code (96950) and the US telephone dialing code for Saipan is 670. The US dollar is used as currency and the official languages are Chamorro, Carolinian and English. Japanese, Chinese, Russian and Korean are also widely spoken.













The Northern Marianas stretch’s for 400 miles (north to south) along the edge of the Marianas Trench which is the deepest part of the ocean, on planet Earth.

Geographically, Saipan is positioned at Latitude of 15° 7' 13" N and Longitude 145° 43' 49" E and is about 14 mi (19 km) long and 5.6 mi (9.0 km) wide.



By plane, Saipan is about 45 minutes from Guam, 3 hours from Japan or the Philippines, 14 hours from California and 4 hours from Cairns, Australia. This makes Saipan the #1 destination for the Asian region, Due to the fact that Currently China, Korea, Japan & Russia all enjoy a visa waiver for the CNMI and they fly in by the hundreds every day to get away from their busy city lives and look for some peace and natural beauty in this Tropical Paradise. They are finding Saipan to be just what the doctor ordered.
















Saipan is an island renowned for its WWII attractions, duty-free shopping, vibrant nightlife and festivals. There are professionally designed golf courses where you can relax and experience the bright turquoise skies, warm mesmerizing waters which are lined with sandy white beaches and an offshore coral reef. Saipan’s large shallow lagoon, and warm breezes, make Saipan’s picturesque appearance striking. The crystal clear waters, pristine beautiful beaches attract scores of locals and tourists alike and are noted for their great swimming, tanning, scuba diving, snorkeling and other outdoor water activities. All of this is reason enough to make this destination, a must experience location on your life's to do list.






















The Island of Saipan offers breathtaking natural landscapes, which can be explored by car, moped, bike, motorcycle or by walking the pleasant pathways. Saipan also boasts excellent duty free shopping, delicious local and international cuisine, fantastic golf courses and cultural festivals, like the Annual Flame Tree Arts Festival; Saipan really fulfills its claim of being a world class destination for you and your family.




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