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The CNMI is a very easy going place, especially to live and work and like any place in the world it is what you make of it. There are a few things that make it a little harder to get investors in the door which are really only on the surface. Article 12 & the Zoning Law can in some cases scare off some investors, but if you’re serious about investing then these issues are benign because if you cannot earn your money back in 55 years, then you definitely should not have invested. The CNMI does offer Investor Tax breaks which make it an ideal location to place you investments. I find that with most of my 55 year leases, in the current economy it takes me about 10 to 20 years to recover my investment and the remaining is my profit, which would be 45 to 35 years worth. If you like to play the money market then you will love the CNMI, Life is a risk but just think how much your return would be if Article XII ever went away and all Privately held lands became fee simple. From that point on the CNMI would have equity again and the banks would start loaning money based on equity values and you just watched your investment sky rocket, and you are ready to retire a wealthy individual. I call this a bonus as you should already double or even triple your original investment with in the 55 year period and then imagine what the value of your investment would be with equity attached, Mind boggling isn’t it.

Please press here: If you would like to see the  CNMI LAWS WEB SITE


Article 12 is the local Land Allienation law which basically say's if you are not at least 1/4 blood of Saipanese or Carolinian descent you can not own land in the CNMI.


1. You can however lease for a period of 55 years.


2. their is no consecutive 55year options or any term options allowed, however you can due two individual lease agreements which end and start 1 day apart. (Future leasing) I would recomend that you use diffrent people or names on each lease so that it can not be construed as a lease option.


3. Like any laws, they are left up to interpitation and their for their are always loop holes for people to slide through.


Starting a business here on island is pretty simple. The costs are also not to high. You need to decide if your going to be a Corporate. Limited Liability, or Partnership, or sole propritorship. Do your letter of incorporation paperwork and file them with CNMI corporations office, after having DPW, DEQ, FIRE, and Zoning inspection and approval, you will get a Business and ocupancy permit & licance to opperate here in the CNMI, pretty simple.


I will be honest with you, this law is very crazy and due to it's unusal verbage you do not find many Condo's here in the CNMI which is a real shame as based on Article 12 this would allow foreigner 's to own in fee simple any condo unit above the 1st floor.  This is Called Public Law 1520


1. ARTICLE XII Amendments to be voted on by the people in the Nov. 2014 primary election. (a) Lowering the blood quantum from 1/4 to some degree of blood line. (b) Dissalowing non NMD children that are to be adopted from being considered full NMD's after the adoption has been approved by the court.


2. Casinos may also be voted on in the 2014 Nov. Election.


Our Zoning laws date back to 2008 and are primarily based on United states zoning. As we are an island some of these laws do not fit our small community or our current economy. In the past our Zoning was disbanded due to this same situation and I would not be surprised if that happened again. The most important thing to know is that you must go up to Zoning prior to buying any land or busines and make sure that what you are buying is zoned for your intentions or if you can do a zone variance which would allow you to opperate from that desired purchased land.


Currently Garapan & Capitol hill are generally considered to be the highest property values in Saipan. Garapan being Saipans city center for tourism and high end and luxury business's alike. Whare as Capitol hill is considered to be the most prime location for high end residential holmes.

Beach property's and Mountain top properties are also considered choice property locations making them much more expensive then the remaining village lots.

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