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1. Laws & Estate planning Info

So...... it’s time to start looking ahead in you and your family's life but you’re not sure what the laws are or where to even start, concerning your assets, or maybe you just haven’t really thought about it yet. Well it’s never too early to start planning for you future.


How can I help you? 


I have been doing Real Estate here on the islands for about 10 years now and along the way I have learned a great deal about the do's and the don'ts and things to look for when doing property transactions. Saipan is a little unique, as Article 12 helps to protect the lands from sale to foreign or other American investors which can sometimes cause a few special situations to accrue. I am more than happy to assist you in educating yourself on the laws or how to best protect yourself and your family for the future, which the most important one is listed as #2 on the right side. I will tell you of the way's people can cheat you when buying lands as well as assist you in selling or long term leasing your property, if you so desire. Bottom line is I will try my best to assist you in whatever estate / property / or asset situation you might have, my knowledge is free for you and I am happy to help if I can. If your situation is above my knowledge base, then I will point you in the right direction to acquire the assistance you need. I have done and am still currently doing business with many different brokers, Attorney’s, and other assets you might find helpful for your situation in life.


2. Will's for Estate Planing

(a) What is a Simple will?

      A Simple Will is a legal document, which upon your death                                 (Natural or untimely) will specify how you want your assets (property             and other items of value) divided up between your family. This                         document after completed is sealed then put in the safe at the Clerk’s           office, only to be opened upon your death.


(b) Why is a Simple Will important to you and your family's future?

      In the case of your death, this document will protect your property and         assets from family members who might be greedy or otherwise cause           family disputes and issues, which tie your assets up in court for a very           long term and cost your family a bundle of money to finally get                       disbursed out to those in your family who are legally able to acquire               your assets or parts of it. Bottom line it saves you money and time and         keeps those you love from falling a part over money issues later.


(c)  What does it Cost?

      Normally doing a simple will can cost you between $50 to $1,000                     dollars depending on who you will go through to prepare this                           document for you. It's not hard but can be a little time consuming to             prepare. In my case I will help you to prepare you will and record it with         the county clerk’s office for FREE.

      What will you pay for if anything, filing fee's which for now are very small       ($10) or less and any copies you might need for yourself and your                   family.


(d)  Why would I do this for FREE?

      This is my way of giving back to the community I live in and love, it’s a             small thing, but I do believe that it is a vital way to protect yourself and         your family for the future. Bottom line it’s my way of saying thank you           for welcoming me and my family into your community with open arms         and making my family’s life so wonderful and beautiful, like the island           we all live on and call home.


Protect your property



By Michael E. Dilley 

Posted on Apr 24 2015

Tag: party, people


Hafa adai, everyone. I just wanted to drop a note and give some friendly advice as it relates to your property and or your assets. This is sort of a community announcement, if you will, from my heart to all of you.

In my travels recently I have been hearing that a few people have transferred their property over to some individuals, promising unrealistic amounts of money value for them. These individuals play upon your desperation for cash today and by planting this idea in your head that your property is worth a very large amount, they hope that you will warranty deed or quitclaim deed your property over to them so they can transact this deal for you. In fact, when you ask them why you need to give them a deed, they tell you it’s because they will put it under a company and you will be part of that company or that the buyer will only deal with that company. The bottom line is this is a scam and fraud no matter how you look at it. These people are taking advantage of our economic situation, your limited knowledge about real estate laws, and more importantly, the fact that most victims cannot afford to hire an attorney when they do realize they have been scammed and do not know where to turn for help.

Please do not ever sign over your rights, either in long-term lease or deed of any kind to a third party who has not paid you at the same time what you have agreed upon. Anyone asking you to do this, tell them you need to confer with your attorney before you do anything, then go arrange a free consultation. Most likely the attorney you see will already know of the person who is trying to scam you, at which time he or she can give you the best advice to move forward safely in protecting your assets and property from this happening to you. If you know of anyone trying to do this to a member of your family, please let your family know to come see you first before they do anything with those people so you can point them in the right direction.

Family and estate planning is an important process that helps to clarify who is entitled to your assets and property in case something happens to you. It prevents the cost of probate, and family infighting and greed for assets you left behind. The document for this is called a “simple will” and once done will be locked away at the court house, safe and secure for the time when it is needed. An attorney’s office can do this for you, you can buy a package online, or check this Web page on how to do it for free for you and your family’s future:!community-services-page/c1fy6


Michael E. Dilley
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