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So you’re looking for a place to invest and like most you want to see your money go as far as it can for yours and your family's future. What can the CNMI Offer you that other locations possible can not?



    A. TRANSPORTATION: here in the CNMI I we have a steady amount of transportation ships coming and going from our islands deep water ports, we also have many cargo and tourist planes arriving at our FAA certified international airport. Currently Both the Chinese & Russian tourists are free to come here visa free.


   B. Telecommunication: We have three global communications companies here to service all you local and worldwide calling and data needs. DOCOMO PACIFIC - A branch of NTT DOCOMO out of Japan handles LTE / GSM / WORLD WIDE ROAMING / & DATA BROADBAND, IT&E - The local Land Line provider offering 3G / GSM / CDMA / WORLD WIDE ROAMING / LANDLINE / DATA COMMUNICATIONS, and iCONNECT - A local branch from Guam offering iDEN PUSH TO TALK, DATA, WORLD WIDE ROAMING, & SKYPE FREE CALLING TO ANY OF OUR PTT UNIT.


C.  INFRASTRUCTURE: Our Local Power and Water Company are both Government owned and subsidized (C.U.C. or The Commonwealth Utilities Commission) our power is stable and rarely if ever goes out. Our water supply is constant but sometimes depending on the water tables can have some salt content in it. Most people use Rain water in catchments in order to insure a clean source of water. Most of the Major areas have sewer and those places that don't all have septic tanks, located in the ground.  SOLOR & WIND POWER OPETIONS - CUC will allow you to hook up into the grid system and allow your meter to go in reverse to offset your power bills by using CUC as your storage facility. CUC currently has no way to monitor pay back options for addition wattage you may supply them.


D. COST OF LIVING: For the most part this is very minimal due to the current minimum wage which sits at $5.50 per hour. Food, housing, & clothing are inexpensive here. The two items that will cost you more are Power rate, and fuel rate which sits at today $4.95 per gallon. Typical rent can be anywhere from $100.00 to $600.00 per month depending on the accommodations you are looking for. For instance a studio apartment with a restroom might only cost you $100 but to live on the beach in an apartment would be closer to $675 per month. Now look at where your living today and weigh that against what you pay to live their monthly, I think that you will see the savings on food, rent, and clothing far out way the higher power & Fuel costs compared to where you are now. We have Fast food restaurants such as KFC, TACO BELL, & Mc DONALDS and the we have fine dinning restaurants with breath taking views such as the 360 revolving restaurant, and many others to suit your tastes. Our local shopping is usually done at a Joeten shopping center for most of our needs but there are many other Mom & Pop stores and others to choose from. Clothing stores we range from DFS (Duty Free Store) being the highest most luxurious items to a ton of others at rock bottom pricing.


E. EMERGANCY / MEDICAL:  We have a GREAT police department, usually pretty fast to respond to issues and calls, yet kind enough not to deal with the minor infractions of vehicle type issues. Like a small city you really don’t get to far without seeing a police car cruising by you, which helps us to feel safe and protected. We don't have a lot of crime here and almost never a killing or maiming of another person here. We get the typical theft from time to time, and husband-wife spats, drunk driving, and other very minor type issues. Saipan / CNMI is a very safe place to live and bring up your children I would venture to say it's one of the last extremely safe places left around the world. Medical facilities - the biggest facility on Saipan is the CHC or Commonwealth Hospital Corporation. Definitely big enough for this island, they provide the medical emergency room and triage facility. If you’re more into smaller faster clinics then we have quite a few of those also to meet your needs. If your issue is very serious beyond the care of our local facilities then the majority of people will go to the Philippines, Hawaii, stateside, or their own country for their specialist needs.


F. SCHOOLS & EDUCATION: This area is well covered here in Saipan from pre-school all the way through collage we have a facility's to meet you requirements and that of your children’s needs. At a young age you have the head start program and a few private institutions too help promote your Childs learning ability. For kindergarten through high school you have both private & public schools to choose from. On the private side you have religious schools and non religious schools to choose from depending on your faith. For collage we have the NMC or Northern Marianas Community College and then there are also some private collage compasses here as well. 122 miles to our south you have Guam with U.O.G. or University of Guam if you don’t want your children far away from you. If these are not enough then most parents will send their children either stateside or to their own courtiers for their continued educational needs.



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