Check out what Saipan & The CNMI has to offer. NO PROPERTY TAX to start with, Beautiful air quality, and clean water. Saipan is a melting pot for cultures and friends to enjoy nature and each other.  Come check out Saipan and see if its right for you! 

55 years long term lease for all non NMD residents. NMD = "Of" Northern Marianas Descent. 

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If you only have interest in a property, but no physical presence, you can not sale or lease or build, then I can help you and your family to sub-divide the property so that all heirs get their portion and agree upon the over all finalization of the map. I can assist in simple probates of family members.

1. I pay all out of pocket expenses for mapping, and all time and effort in providing the documents and getting all family member to agree and sign. 

2. My payment for this in not money, but 10% of the overall property area. Example if the property is 10,000 square meters, I will get 1,000 square meters.

If you know of a dilapidated full concrete house's or  property's that has something special to offer, If we buy it we will pay you a $1,000 dollar finders fee for bringing the property and its information to us. Don't miss out!

1. We Specialize in the purchase of fixer upper full concrete houses usually located in the jungle areas and left abandoned for years. 

2. Bank foreclosures, Attorney's fee, financial distress, or need money, Let us know so we can do our best to help you with your issues.

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                                         SAIPAN / CNMI

                DEVELOPERS DREAM 50% / 50% = 55 years

My Wife & I have quite a bit of property, we sometimes work with developers or investors and if they fix up or build something on our property we will split whatever rental per month at 50% for the next 55 years. So why spend time looking for properties and paying absorbent prices when we can cut your work in half and make both of us better money over the log term.

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                                        Free Service

                          Property Fraud Research

1. Fraud - Do you have an issue with your property which someone else has tried to steal or appropriate from you or you family? Let me know and maybe I can help you to get it back based on the facts / time / and what is recorded to date.

 2. Property Sub Divisions - Do you have undivided interest and are looking to make you and you family's interest known on the property? let me know maybe I can help you and your family to sub divide the property.


                          DO YOU NEED MONEY NOW!

Need Money Now? - Bank mortgage issues? - Attorney's fee issues?

Can't find it anywhere else?  - Court issues? - What ever the need, we are here for you.

IF you have property, we can work out a loan for you. Push the send Email button above and let us know how we can help you today.

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        FREE SERVICE  PROVIDED TO ALL NMD / LOCALS                           Estate Will - Preparedness

Do you need to do an Estate Will? I do these for all local NMD and residence of Saipan, CNMI 96950, free of charge. Don't wait till its to late, get your assets arranged for your future generations. no family fighting in court, and no greed between family members. Protect your assets and family members now.


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